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Princeton's WordNet (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Min, Min dialect, Fukien, Fukkianese, Hokkianese, Amoy, Taiwanese (noun) any of the forms of Chinese spoken in Fukien province Min Nan Chinese (Amoy Dialect; Fukien Dialect; Taiwanese Dialect; Hokkien, Amoy Dialect) Vocabulary Audio Lessons (Words & Phrases) Click on a "Word List" and then Click on a corresponding "Audio File (WAV or MP3)". For more information see The UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive RECOMMENDED Xiamen dialect, sometimes known as Amoy, is the main dialect spoken in the Chinese city of Xiamen and its surrounding regions of Tong'an and Xiang'an, both of … A Southern Min (Amoy dialect) translation of the Tower of Babel story from Genesis 11 (1-9) Linguist Nicholas Bodman (1981) claims that the Nam Long speech was derived from a northeastern Min dialect spoken in the Fuzhou region. Yuen Hung Fai (1983) has traced the Ming subdialect, presently spoken by native Nam Long inhabitants, back to the Eastern Min dialect as it prevailed in Putian during the late Southern Song. (4.) Did You Know?

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The Amoy dialect or Xiamen dialect (Chinese: 廈門話; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ē-mn̂g-ōe), also known as Amoynese, Amoy Hokkien, Xiamenese or Xiamen Hokkien, is a dialect of Hokkien spoken in the city of Xiamen (historically known as "Amoy") and its surrounding metropolitan area, in the southern part of Fujian province. English: The sound of greetings to the Universe in Amoy (Min dialect) recorded on the Voyager Golden Record. 2021-04-10 · Min languages, group of Sinitic languages spoken in Fujian province and in parts of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hainan, and Taiwan. The Min languages are generally divided into Northern Min, with its centre at Fuzhou, and Southern Min, with its centre at Amoy (Xiamen). Did You Know? The Voyager Interstellar Mission has the potential for obtaining useful interplanetary, and possibly interstellar, fields, particles, and waves science data until around the year 2025 when the spacecraft's ability to generate adequate electrical power for continued science instrument operation will come to an end.

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Köp Hl Ana Sghyrh? Wo Xì Hàn Xì?: Arabic-Chinese/Min Chinese/Amoy Dialect: Children's Picture Book  substantiv. (any of the forms of Chinese spoken in Fukien province) Min; Min dialect; Fukien; Fukkianese; Hokkianese; Taiwanese; Amoy  substantiv.

Amoy min dialect

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Amoy min dialect

The ‘new Amoy-dialect films’ book.

Amoy min dialect

Bahasa Amoy dan Bahasa Taiwan sama-sama merupakan campuran dari Bahasa Hokkien Zhangzhou dan Quanzhou. The ‘new Amoy-dialect films’ book. By Jeremy E. Taylor.
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that required Chinese dialects competency in the work place in Malaysia. indeed a distinct variety in Southeast Asia or linguistically referred as Southern Min. The variants merged and eventually became known as the Amoy dialect 5 Dec 2017 Modern Standard Minnan: It's based on the Amoy dialect spoken in Qiong-Lei is spoken relatively far away from the Southern Min region. Other known names and dialect names: Amoy, Chaenzo, Changchew, Chao- Shan, Chaochow, Chaozhou, Chinchew, Min Nan Chinese, Choushan, Fujian,  Min Nan: Chinese Languages, Fujian, Hokkien Dialect, Amoy Dialect, Taiwanese Minnan, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Teochew Dialect, Qiongwen, Sino- Tibetan  The lexeme 跟 kai55 in the Waxiang dialect can be used as a verb 'to follow', Southern Min dialect of Amoy (Xiamen), as recorded in the mid-19th century:.

It is highly similar to Taiwanese, and is widely known as Hokkien in Southeast Asia. Amoy is widely considered to be the prestige dialect within Hokkien and Min Min dialect: The word Min dialect exists in our database, but we currently do not have a translation from English to Dutch.. Synonyms for "min dialect": Min; Min dialect; Fukien; Fukkianese; Hokkianese; Amoy; Taiwanese; Chinese 2021-04-06 "Amoy dialect" was considered the vernacular of Taiwan. Eventually, the mixture of accents spoken in Taiwan became popularly known as Taiwanese during Imperial Japanese rule .
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writing system · Pe̍h-ōe-jī.

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Amoy is similar to other Min Nan dialects in that it makes use of 5-8 tones, though only two in checked syllables. The tones are traditionally numbered from 1 through 8, with 4 and 8 being the checked tones, but those numbered 2 and 6 are identical in most regions. Define Amoy. Amoy synonyms, Amoy pronunciation, Amoy translation, English dictionary definition of Amoy. (Languages) the dialect of Chinese spoken in Amoy, Taiwan Min 38,950,000(4.1%) Fujian, coastal areas of South.

Amoy synonyms, Amoy pronunciation, Amoy translation, English dictionary definition of Amoy. See Xiamen1. n. The variety of Chinese spoken in and around the city of Xiamen in Fujian province in southeast China. Definition of AMOY DIALECT in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of AMOY DIALECT. What does AMOY DIALECT mean?